Emergency Services

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Emergency Services offered

Here at HOD we offer peace of mind for the practical dog lover. Have you ever had to scramble to find a dog sitter or boarding facility for your canine because of an unexpected event? Maybe you or a family member have taken ill and must be hospitalized for an unknown length of time… or your house is flooded, and the hotel doesn’t take dogs?

Call on HOD 24/7 we will gladly care for your furry family member while you worry about getting life back on track. When emergencies happen there is so much to worry about…let us take a load off your mind by taking care of your

Call or text  (707)684-0140 even if its 2am and you are being loaded into a helicopter- We will come pick up your canine and care for him or her until you can come home. Let us help! Call today to be added to our emergency services list. (even if you are not on the list we will gladly take your pup so please don’t hesitate to call)

We Treat Your Pet Like Royalty with Our 5-Star Canine Daycare Services

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